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Gifted and Talented Information & Referral Form

Baird ISD Gifted and Talented – Parent/Guardian Referral Information

Parents/guardians should  review this page if they believe their child is performing well above grade level or demonstrating exceptional strengths or talents and would like their child’s performance and achievement reviewed to determine eligibility for gifted education services.  If you feel that your child reaches the qualifications listed below of a gifted learner, complete the online referral form for gifted educational services.   Referral submissions are due by Dec. 8, 2023.

Listed below are some differences to help you distinguish between a bright child and a gifted learner.  (Szabo, 1989) The list below does not describe all the traits and attitudes of gifted children, as all children are diverse in their characteristics; however, it is a good reference of distinguishing characteristics.  

After receiving this form, the GT coordinator will provide testing through the Region 14 Service Center, then the GT committee will consult and analyze all test scores and performance data.  


Bright Child

  1. Knows the answers

  2. Is interested

  3. Is attentive

  4. Has good ideas

  5. Works hard

  6. Answers the questions

  7. Top group

  8. Listens with interest

  9. Learns with ease

  10. 6-8 repetitions for mastery

  11. Understands ideas

  12. Enjoys peers

  13. Grasps the meaning

  14. Completes assignments

  15. Is receptive

Gifted Learner

  1. Asks questions

  2. Is highly curious

  3. Is mentally and physically involved

  4. Has wild, silly ideas

  5. Plays around, yet tests well

  6. Discusses in detail; elaborates

  7. Beyond the group

  8. Shows strong feelings and opinions

  9. Already knows

  10. 1-2 repetitions for mastery

  11. Constructs abstracts

  12. Prefers adults

  13. Draws inferences

  14. Initiates projects

  15. Is intense