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Testing Throughout the Year

Students take multiple tests throughout the year for various reasons. These tests include (but are not limited to):

STAAR Tests (required by TEA in compliance with federal law)

  • Reading/Writing: 3rd – 8th grade, English I and English II
  • Mathematics:  3rd – 8th grade, Algebra I
  • Science:  5th and 8th grade, Biology
  • Social Studies: 8th grade, US History

TSIA Test (required for dual credit enrollment)


ACT Test

Star 360 Reading & Math Testing (district required)

  • Reading (beginning, middle, and end of year): K-10th grades
  • Math (beginning, middle, and end of year): K-8th grades and Algebra I

District Content-Based Assessments (district required)

  • All STAAR tested subjects (October, December, and February/March)

Tips to Prepare for State Testing: Get a good night's sleep, Eat a healthy breakfast, Come to school on time, Know your testing location, Bring a book to read, Have a positive attitude

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