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Dual Credit

Dual Credit Program

Baird ISD offers free Dual Credit college courses to qualified high school students. A dual credit program allows eligible high school students to enroll in college courses and receive credit for the courses from both the college and high school. Currently, the district offers two-course sequences:  

  1. a core academic plan for students who wish to pursue “core complete” status or to attain an associate’s degree by the end of their senior year in high school; or
  2. a welding certification plan for students who wish to obtain an industry workforce certification to obtain employment as a welder after high school.
    • Gain first-hand experience with college-level work while attending high school
    • Transition more smoothly between high school and college
    • Transfer credits earned in high school to Texas public colleges and universities
    • Complete a postsecondary degree faster
    • Save money on college tuition
  • Students in grades 9-12 may earn college credit through the following opportunities:

    • Certain courses taught at the high school campus, which may include courses termed dual credit, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or college preparatory
    • Enrollment in AP or dual credit courses through the Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN)
    • Enrollment in courses taught in conjunction and in partnership with Cisco College, which may be offered on or off campus
    • Enrollment in courses taught at other colleges or universities

    A student may also earn college credit for certain Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.

    These courses have specific eligibility requirements and must be approved prior to enrollment. Please see the school counselor or dual credit coordinator for more information. Depending on the student’s grade level and the course, a state-mandated end-of-course assessment may be required for graduation.

    Not all colleges and universities accept credit earned in all dual credit or AP courses taken in high school for college credit. Students and parents should check with the prospective college or university to determine if a particular course will count toward the student’s desired degree plan.

  • Under the Financial Aid for Swift Transfer (FAST) program, a student may be eligible to enroll at no cost to the student in dual credit courses at a participating institution of higher education. The FAST program allows students who are or have been educationally disadvantaged at any time during the four years preceding the student’s enrollment in a dual credit course to enroll at no cost to the student. The district will determine eligibility upon the student’s enrollment in the dual credit course. See the high school counselor or dual credit coordinator for more information.

  • Dual Credit Classes for Core Curriculum
    Grade Semester College Course # College Course Name College Credit Hours
    9th Grade Fall EDUC 1300 Learning Framework** 3
      Spring MUSI 1301 Intro to Music Appreciation** 3
    10th Grade Fall HIST 1301 US History I 3
      Spring HIST 1302 US History II 3
    11th Grade Fall ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
      Fall GOVT 2305 Federal Government 3
      Spring ENGL 1302 Composition II 3
      Spring GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
      Fall or Spring ECON 1301 Introduction to Economics 3
    12th Grade Fall ENGL 2322 British Literature I 3
      Fall BIOL 1406 Biology for Science Majors 4
      Fall MATH 1314 College Algebra 3
      Spring  ENGL 2323 British Literature II 3
      Spring BIOL 1407 Biology for Science Majors II 4
          Total Hours 44




    Available Elective Courses

    You need 6 electives in addition to Core Curriculum to graduate with your Associate's Degree.

    9th grade and up   SOCI 1301 Sociology 3
    9th grade and up   PSYC 2301 Intro to Psychology 3
    9th grade and up   PSYC 2314 Lifespan and Growth 3
    9th grade and up   ART 1301 Art Appreciation** 3
    9th grade and up   SPCH 1301 Public Speaking 3
    10th grade and up Spring BUSI 1301 Intro to Principles of Business 3
    10th grade and up   MCDA 1313 Medical Terminology 3
    11th grade and up   ENGL 2328/2332 American/World Literature 3
    10th grade and up TBD BUSI 1307 Personal Finance 3


    **does not require a passing score on the TSIA ELAR test 


Dual Credit through Cisco College