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Spring 2024 was the innaugural year for the BHS E-Sports team. They started small by competing in only in Fortnite, but depending on interest, the games selected could change in the future. The school has both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X that the students can use to participate. 7 students participated in 5 matches against other schools. They won their final match for the year. The team looks to expand in numbers and in games in the future.

Who is eligible to play?

  • Any 9-12th grade student right now. Junior High may be added in the future.

How does a student get involved?

  • Listen for announcements about it and speak with Mrs. Taylor. 

What skills do team members need?

  • None, but some familiarity with Xbox and/or PS5 controls are a plus.

When / where does the team play?

  • They are more than welcome to play on their own, but we try to have practice after school once a week and games are scheduled for after school each week. Different games are played on different days so it will vary depending on the game.