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District Nurse

Health Services Information

The district has one full-time nurse who serves both campuses.


    • provide guidance about when children should stay home from school due to sickness,
    • determine if a sick child needs to go home from school and contact parents,
    • report certain contagious diseases to the Department of State Health Services or local/regional health authority
    • provide information about immunization requirements,
    • perform screenings (spinal, vision, hearing, lice),
    • administer medications that are brought from home (must be in original container),
    • administer care in an emergency (CPR, epinephrine auto-injector, inhalers for respiratory distress)
  • Parents and students in need of assistance with physical and mental health concerns may contact the district nurse or campus counselor or the following places.

    • The local public health authority, Abilene-Taylor County Public Health Center, which may be contacted at (325) 692-5600. 
    • The local mental health authority, Betty Hardwick Center, which may be contacted at (325) 758-3344.