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ParentSquare (communications)

Parent Square Information

Baird ISD has adopted ParentSquare; a unified, parent-centric tool designed to keep parents & guardians informed and involved in their children's learning and school activities. With ParentSquare, you will:

  • Receive all school, classroom, and group communication via email, text, or app notification
  • See important calendar events and RSVP to them
  • See photos, links, and attachments
  • Sign up to volunteer or bring items
  • Join and participate in groups
  • Send private messages to teachers or staff
  • Appreciate those who post messages (please give them generously!)
  • Receive report cards, progress reports, and other documents securely.


  • With ParentSquare, you only have to set up your account, and all of the information from your child’s school will come to one place whether it is sent by the principal, teacher, nurse, cafeteria, coach, or group sponsor. You don’t have to subscribe to multiple feeds. If you have more than one child, all of the messages for each student will come through this one account.

    You can select how you want to receive the messages.

    • There are multiple ways: text, email, and through the app. 
    • You can select whether you want to receive the messages as they come in or all at once in a digest around 6:00 pm.


  • Download the ParentSquare App

    The ParentSquare app is available in both iOS or Android stores. Downloading the mobile app is the easiest way to receive all Posts, Events, Sign Up Requests, Photos and Files.


    ParentSquare App download QR Codes


  • Your child(ren)'s school has your email and/or phone number in their records and they will initiate the setup process with you. They will send you an invitation email and/or text with a link to activate your ParentSquare account.  We can only send information to parents and guardians who have entered their information in Parent Portal, so if you have not received an invitation while another parent did, check the Parent Portal on the school website.

    1. From your email, click the button, Activate your account.
      Email invitation example: 
       image of sample activation email
    2. Register by entering your Email or Phone Number, then click Get Started
      • You can also opt to sign in with Google or Microsoft if you have an account with either of these platforms.
        image of log in screens
  • ParentSquare makes it easy to register for ParentSquare from the app. Follow the steps below:

    1. Open the ParentSquare App.
    2. Enter your email or cell phone number.
    3. Tap Continue. 


    Note: If your email or phone number is not recognized by ParentSquare, log into Parent Portal to update your contact information. It may take 24-48 hours for this update to take effect and show up in ParentSquare

    parent square app log in screen


    1. Create your password and confirm your password.

    parent square app create your own password


    1. Enter your registration code sent by Email or Text and tap Verify. 


    Note: If your registration link has expired, a new one will need to be sent to you. Please contact your school's admin and ask for a new link to be sent to you.

    parent square app - check for registration code



  • Once you have created your account, you can go to this website and learn all about ParentSquare.

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