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Physical Health Screenings/Examinations

Athletics Participation (Secondary Grade Levels Only)
For certain extracurricular activities, a student must submit certification from an authorized healthcare provider. The certification must state that the student has been examined and is physically able to participate in the relevant program, including:

  • A district athletics program
  • District marching band
  • Any district extracurricular program identified by the superintendent

This examination is required in the first year of middle school competition and the first and third years of high school competition. During the alternate years, the student must complete a medical appraisal form, and the results of this appraisal may prompt the district to require a physical examination.

Students should be aware of the rare possibility of sudden cardiac arrest, which in athletes is usually caused by a previously unsuspected heart disease or disorder. A student may request an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to screen for such disorders, in addition to his or her required physical examination.

See the UIL’s explanation of sudden cardiac arrest for more information.


Spinal Screening Program

School-based spinal screening helps identify adolescents with abnormal spinal curvature at an early stage when the curve is mild and may go unnoticed. Early detection is key to controlling spinal deformities. Spinal screening is non-invasive and conducted in accordance with the most recent nationally accepted and peer-reviewed standards.

All students who meet the Texas Department of State Health Services criteria will be screened for abnormal spinal curvature before the end of the school year. As appropriate, students will be referred for follow-up with their physician.

For information on spinal screening by an outside professional or exemption from spinal screening based on religious beliefs, contact the superintendent or see policy FFAA(LEGAL).


Vision and Hearing Screenings

  • PreK – 3rd Grade
  • 5th – 7th Grades