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Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is all about being a good and responsible person and staying safe when you're online. It's like learning the rules of the road before driving a car. You need to understand how to use the internet and technology safely, treat others with respect, and protect your own privacy. It's about making smart choices and being a good digital citizen by using the internet in a positive and respectful way.  

Digital Literacy includes:

  • A chart image with statistics about digital citizenship.

  • A chart shows how much of a person's digital footprint is made up of data that didn't require an account to store, how that data can be used and managed..

  • A chart about social media usage and its effects on mental health.

  • A guide to tech privacy and statistics on breaches.

  • A poster with information about creating strong passwords.

  • A chart about media literacy and how to navigate fake news.

  • A chart with statistics about kids and social media and reasons for tech laws..